Kit SCK-SPORT c skis TWOOWT WOOD-95 bike mountain bike (MTB)

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Set to rework bike mountain bike MTB in skibayk includes:

- Front (SPORT- 100 ) and rear (SPORT- 135 ) docking stations ;

- Peggy series -SPORT;

- Ski - skibordy TWOOWT-WOOD 95cm .

Staples docking stations set SCK are made of durable , tempered aluminum alloy resists corrosion . Front and rear bracket interchangeable symmetric. The main feature of the docking units Series SPORT, is used in their construction bushing axis ductile polymer having a high strength and a high coefficient of sliding.

Stabilization system pozvlyayut constantly keep ski in a horizontal position and extinguish its fluctuations during the execution of jumps and other tricks. Springs , stabilization system , made ​​of special high-strength spring steel , have undergone hardening and galvanizing . Specifically provided additional holes for fixing springs enable swap springs in case of damage major holes.

The presence of the bracket in nizhey five rows of holes allows mounting the docking station to the ski at three positions , moving it relative to skiing : a forward - center-back . Fixing bolts and washers are made of high grade stainless steel A2. All other details of the docking station are also made of high-strength steel and have been protective galvanic treatment.

Peggy made ​​of high-strength , corrosion resistant aluminum alloy . Have a special surface prevents slipping feet in any weather. Axis washers and self-locking nuts are made of high grade stainless steel A2.

Features ski- skibordov TwoowT WOOD:

- Sandwich construction

- Side walls made ​​of ABS plastic

- Mortgage for fasteners made ​​of stainless steel with the addition of 4cm x 4cm

- Laminated wood core poplar

- Skolzyak ISOSpeed ​​Sintered 7500 Race Base

- 2- layer and heavy-duty Tri-axial fiberglass

- Sublimated topsheet

- Reinforced metal edges Rockwell- 48 around the perimeter

- Rubber foil to reduce vibration

- 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Length: 95 inches

Geometry: 13.0/11.0/13.0

Radius : 6.4

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