At the Palace of creativity on Vorobёvyh 28.01.12g mountains. passed the screening training castings tricks some extreme sports "Epiphany extreme." The event was attended by both known and budding young riders Russia - snowboarders, skiers, BMX and MTB bikers. While preparations were a springboard for cyclists showed their skills skiers and snowboarders, dispersed on a snowy trampoline they performed a variety of somersaults in the air and landed on a special huge inflatable pillow. Keep up with them, and the riders, cyclists - some of them having fun experimenting in jumping on skibike, the benefit that the pillow on which they landed from a springboard, to forgive the mistakes that invariably arise at the stage of familiarization with something new - and guys boarded skibayk first. The first risked accelerate and jump on skibike Belevsky Sasha appeared to alter under skibayk MTV. Following him backed topic Danila Grishin on BMX converted. For alterations were used bicycles riders on which they have become accustomed to perform tricks and kits produced by SCK SKIBIKE ENGINEERING. For BMX used staples STANDART-100 (front) and STANDART-110 (rear) for MTV STANDART-100 (front) and STANDART-135 (rear), skiing SNOWJAM-75 on both skibaykah. Danilo and Sasha loved skibayk, they admitted that they are seriously engaged skibaykingom further. After Sasha and Danilo skibayk want to try other experienced riders: Ruslan Kutlubaev (HAM) and the other guys. Public appearance of the "new miracle", and what is for many skibayk evoked in the crowd noticeable revival and delight. I think that having mastered the technique of control skibaykom guys can show many unusual stunts to the delight of his fans. Good start - it seemed to me, the first Russian-skibaykery riders. Hold on, Brandon Schmidt - Russian are coming!

Zhigulsky Roman

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